The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. As such we exist to serve the community with the help of generous individuals and foundations such as yourself.

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Remembering Tom Dempster

20 April 2015 Published in Donations
It is a with a heavy heart that we report on the passing of a cyclist who exemplified the spirit of the Collective. Tom Dempster was a lifelong cyclist, adventurer, and conservationist in the truest sense of the word. He loved to fix broken things and give waste a new…

Donate a Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Boat

14 May 2011 Published in Donations
In the context of people who ride bikes and people who drive cars, the terms motorist and cyclist can create a false "us vs. them" attitude that divides us.  The reality is that not all, but most people have a bike hanging in their garage next to a car, or…

Old T-Shirts

24 April 2009 Published in Donations
We cut old t-shirts into smaller pieces and use them as shop rags. So if you (or someone you love) has an old t-shirt that absolutely needs to go, give them a final wash a bring them down to the Community Bike Shop.

Tooth brushes

26 February 2007 Published in Donations
This may seem like a strange think to donate, but we use old tooth brushes to clean bike parts and chains.    In case you are wondering, the cleaner we use can kill just about every germ in the book.

File Cabinets

28 July 2006 Published in Donations
Contact us if you have file cabinets that you would love to see help your favorite non-profit stay organized. We could use: Four 2 drawer file cabinets to be used with desks. Two 4 drawer file cabinets for all our teaching materials, records and paperwork.


23 July 2006 Published in Donations
We are ALWAYS looking for tools, especially bike tools, however that is not exclusive.  If you, someone you know, or you see a bike shop going out of business or have some tools you are willing to donate -- let us know!Contact us here

Bikes & Parts

23 March 2006 Published in Donations
As part of our on going Bicycle Recycling project we are in constant need of volunteer mechanics, bicycles (especially childrens bicycles), and bicycle parts of all types. Donated bikes are also eligible as a tax write-off.To donate a bike or parts, bring them down to the community bike shop during…