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Volunteers are the heart of non-profit organizations; the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective is no exception. From working with kids to fixing bikes, you can enjoy good company while helping to fulfill community service needs.



























There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the Bicycle Collective.  From general help around the shop, to advanced mechanics and wheel building, taking kids on mountain bike rides, greeting people during Open Shop, utilizing your graphic design skills, making art, and everything in between, we can match your skills with our needs to make every moment you spend volunteering meaningful.   For more information on volunteer opportunities click here: Volunteer Opportunities.   

How to Volunteer:  

1.  To get started, fill out a Volunteer Application and e-mail it to , or drop it off at the shop.

2.  Attend a Volunteer orientation on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month at 5pm at the SLC Bicycle Collective.  Drop-ins are welcome.   Please check the Bicycle Collective calendar on this website for updated information regarding cancelations or shop closings due to holidays.  

3.  If you are unable to attend a Monday night orientation, or would like more information, you can e-mail Megan, our Volunteer Coordinator at:  

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We have many opportunities to volunteer. Volunteers can refurbish bikes that are delivered back into the community through various programs such as Navajo Santa, the public bike shop, and after school Youth City courses. We could use help at these upcoming events and with these various programs. Used bikes, bike parts, and instruction are available to the general public in return for their volunteer hours or monetary donations.

Bicycle Collective Visioning Survey

17 November 2015 Published in Volunteer
The Bike Collective has a simple goal: Take all the bikes donated to us and do the most good we can with them. But when you take 4 locations (with 2-3 more in the works!), five core programs, and dozens of people participating every day, it can get complicated!   …

530 bikes donated in one day! Come down and help us tune them up!

15 March 2015 Published in Volunteer
A Boy Scout with an exceptionally touching story decided to do his Eagle project on our behalf, getting over 530 bikes donated in ONE DAY! We've got a huge warehouse to temporarily store them in, but the clock is ticking, we've gotta be out by May 1st.    Extraordinary times call…

This place couldn't exist without you: Thanks for 2014!

16 December 2014 Published in Volunteer
Thanks. Thank you so much.    The Bicycle Collective has been growing every year, and sometimes in the madness, the changes, the number of bikes in and the number of bikes out, the endless late-night mechanical hat-tricks to keep someone on the road, it's easy to overlook the sheer number…

Community Bike Shop: Volunteer Greeter

07 July 2010 Published in Volunteer
We are looking for some friendly folks to volunteer as greeters at the Community Bike Shop.  As people come in the shop, simply introduce yourself, welcome them to the shop, find out what need, and re-direct them to the right place (which we will train you on), and a little…

I am or have been a bike mechanic!

06 July 2010 Published in Volunteer
We always could use a good wrench during summer Do-It-Yourself nights to SHOW people how to work on bikes -- not do it for them. Do you want to work with people? After a long day of work sometimes you just need to decompress, and working on bikes is perfect…

I am not mechanical, have no interest in being mechanical, I just want to volunteer!

06 July 2010 Published in Volunteer
The Collective's scope covers far more than bike mechanics, so that isn't the only thing we need... Option 1: During the summer we always need reliable volunteers to help with Valet Bike Parking.  Frankly, there isn't an easier volunteer duty than to watch bikes while in a park with beautiful…

I am not mechanical, but I want to learn bike mechanics!

06 July 2010 Published in Volunteer
SUMMER (are kids out of school?) Option 1: If it is summer time and you are looking for experience, we highly recommend that you come to our FREE Park Tool School classes every Monday night.  But don't just leave after the class, stick around and practice what you just learned…

Bicycle Benefits Recruiting

09 June 2008 Published in Volunteer
Talk to and invite you favorite local business to join the national Bicycle Benefits program where there is friendly parking and some discount or other special to folks that ride their bike to the business.

Youth Programs: Trips for Kids Ride Volunteers

02 April 2008 Published in Volunteer
Do you like mountain biking and kids? Salt Lake City is surrounded by stunning landscapes and some of the best mountain biking trials anywhere. Sadly, many local youth never get the chance to experience this natural beauty or the healthy fun and challenge of mountain biking. With Trips for Kids…

Organize a Bike Drive

04 October 2006 Published in Volunteer
Bike Drives are a fun and simple activity to do. Contact us and we will ask for the following information: Where and when you are planning to do a bike drive, we keep records so that you won't overlap streets with previous bike drives. When you would like to schedule…

Can I fill my Community Service Hours with you?

18 December 2013 Published in Volunteer
The Bicycle Collective is a great way to get your community service hours in. From school community service hours to court mandated -- we provide a laid back, fun, yet meaningful way for you to help the community. Please call ahead during normal business hours to schedule an appointment to volunteer if…

Education: Writers

06 September 2006 Published in Volunteer
We have a goal of becoming one of the premier online resources bicycle information.  But we need your help writing content for our website.  Whether it be a simple trick that saves time, riding tip, mechanic secret or common knowledge -- we would love to have you write about it. …

Eagle Scout Projects

12 July 2006 Published in Volunteer
  If you are an eagle scout candidate looking for a project, the Bicycle Collective can help! For your project consider organizing a bike drive. We need thousands of bikes of all conditions, sizes, and quality ranges every year, we couldn't do what we do without the help of the…

Community Bike Shop: Volunteer Mechanics

10 February 2006 Published in Volunteer
The Bicycle Collective is always in the process of refurbishing bikes and in constant need of experienced and/or eager to learn mechanics. You don't need any prior experience, just be willing to get your hands dirty and ask questions.If you are an experienced mechanic, but only have time during the…

Valet Bicycle Parking: Volunteer

10 February 2006 Published in Volunteer
Providing free valet parking and tune ups during each downtown farmer's market is darn fun, but we sure could use some help throughout the summer manning our booth. Even in the off season, there are opportunities to really improve traffic problems at the markets by working on new ideas with…


10 February 2006 Published in Volunteer
The Collective is operating on a very low budget and will need increased funding to start new programs and enhance current operations. You do not need previous experience to start fundraising, but you do need to share our passion for bicycle advocacy. Contact Jonathan.

Youth Programs: Earn-A-Bike Volunteer Mechanics

10 February 2006 Published in Volunteer
We need patient volunteers to enlighten the minds of young mechanics. Contact us if you are interested in becoming and Earn-A-Bike Instructor. Ironically you do not need any previous bike mechanic skills or experience. The quality we look for the most is your ability to work with young adults. During…