Bicycle Collective - Community Bike Shops

The Community Bike Shop locations are the tools that the Collective uses to fulfill our mission statement.

At these locations bikes are used bikes are donated, refurbished by volunteers learning how to work on bikes, and then redistributed through our Bikes for Goodwill Organizations referral program. Donations of kids bikes and the Community Bike Shops are also used for our Earn-a-Bike programs and holiday bike drives.

Last but not least, we open the Community Bike Shops up to the public for DIY nights, where people personal projects like buying a bike (or volunteering for a bike), finding parts, or getting help working on a bike abound.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you pick up donations?
A: At this time we do not have the capacity to retrieve donations. For donation hours click here.

Q: When can you accept donations?
A: We accept bicycle and parts donations in any condition whenever our shop is open.

Q: Do you do bike tune-ups?
A: No, but we can show you how to do it yourself (DIY).  We provide the the tools and know-how you need.  Depending on avaliability, we also have used bicycles and parts for sale.

Q: Do you sell bikes? 
A: Yes we do.  Bikes are donated and worked on by volunteers after which they get a final check and are either given away through one of our programs or sold at an open shop night. Road bikes and cruisers are in the highest demand, so we don't get that many donated and they don't stay on the rack for more than a day or so.

Q: I am unable to pay for a bicycle, am I able to volunteer for one?
A: Of course! You can volunteer ahead of time at a rate of five dollars per volunteer hour for used parts and/or a bike. 

Q: Do you buy or trade bikes?
A: No, we do not buy or trade bikes nor do we sell them on consignment. No exceptions. 

WTF Women, Trans, Femme Wednesdays

30 June 2016 Published in Community Bike Shops
5:30-9:00 every WednesdayThe Bicycle Collective provides a space for folks identifying as women, transgender, and femme (WTF) to co-create a safe and supportive environment to work on bicycles and build a mechanical skill set. Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly (cis)male-dominated area. It is our goal to help teach…

Now Hiring: Bicycle Mechanic at the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective

08 June 2016 Published in Community Bike Shops
Effective immediately the Salt Lake City location of the Bicycle Collective is accepting applications for a part-time Bicycle Mechanic. The bicycle mechanic will primarily be responsible for processing, repairing and pricing used bicycle donations. However they may also have involvement with the Bikes for Goodwill Organizations program, volunteers, and the…

Open Shop hours expanding to more days

08 June 2014 Published in Community Bike Shops
We are proud to announce that we are expanding our summer Open Shop hours in our Salt Lake Community Bike Shop. The Collective juggles many different programs, from teaching Earn-A-Bike to selling used parts. While just a part of what we do, the Open Shop is the greatest resource we…

Dear Bicycle Collective

18 August 2010 Published in Community Bike Shops
If you ever wonder why the Collective exists, why so many people volunteer their time, money and bikes... this should clear up any confusion. These were hand written letters from bike recipients of our Bikes for Goodwill Organizations program, but as a courtesy we removed the names. Dear Bicycle Collective,…

Shop Closed for University of Utah Continuing Education

27 April 2010 Published in Community Bike Shops
The shop will be closed on the following Wednesday nights: April 28th, May 5th, May 19th, May 26th, June 2nd We recognize this conflicts with Ladies Night on the first Wednesday of the Month. So Ladies Night will be moved to May 12th & June 9th. Q: Why are we…

2010 Holiday Schedule (We will be closed)

31 December 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
We will be closed the following days...

Job Posting: Community Bike Shop Manager (SLC)

18 September 2014 Published in Community Bike Shops
Effective immediately we are accepting applications for a Night Shop Manager for our Community Bike Shop (CBS).  This job requires evening and Saturday availability. The Night Shop Manager oversees the Community Bike Shop, the central element to the Bicycle Collective. In the course of an average evening the shop manager…

Calling All Mechanics!

10 June 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
Do you have an understanding of basic bicycle mechanics? Do you love to teach others your invaluable skills? If so, then we need your help! We are looking for new mechanics to help us out during our Community Bike Shop hours. We are unbelieveably busy down here, and with your…

Our new office

06 May 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
Our new digs! What a big relief it is to have a comfortable place to set our things down. Thanks to those of you who helped build our little paradise.

It's Electric!

11 May 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
Thank you Denis and Rick for volunteering your expertise and time to install electricity in our storage unit! As you can see, we've hooked up our 3-phase 10hp compressor (capable of sand blasting), we also now have lights, wall outlets and a 220 outlet for future welding plans. We'll soon…

Used Bicycles & Parts For Sale

10 February 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
In life you either have money or time and we accept both. So you can buy a used bike or volunteer your time to earn the bike at our Community Bike Shop. First and foremost, bicycles and parts that are donated to our Community Bike Shop are repaired by volunteers…

Chop Shop Success

08 February 2009 Published in Community Bike Shops
One of our volunteers, Cory "Zed" Bailey of, planned a successful four hour Chop Shop this past Sunday. The goal of this Chop Shop was to teach welding and reuse bikes that would otherwise end up at the land fill or the metal recyclers. These castaways are re-invented into…

Free Helmet Distribution

28 September 2006 Published in Community Bike Shops
DUE TO FUNDING THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD If you are in need of an inexpensive helmet you can contact Robert J. Debry.

Bicycle Parts for Art

26 September 2006 Published in Community Bike Shops
Our Community Bike Shop provides the materials and tools to make jewelry, furniture, crazy custom bikes, wind chimes, anything you can help us create, all out of bike parts. An example of bike part recycling is Resource Revival. 

[Free] Bikes for Goodwill Organizations

04 September 2006 Published in Community Bike Shops
As part of our mission statement, "...The Bicycle Collective provides refurbished bicycles and offers educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households." We take that very seriously and strive to make sure we reach those demographics.  We ensure this by establishing partnerships with various local non-profit organizations that…