Bicycle Collective - Valet Bike Parking

Valet Bike Parking

Valet Bike Parking has grown from a nice service to have at the farmer's market to a mainstay of summer events. Last year in Salt Lake City we parked 10665 bikes at 87 events, with two Valet Coordinators and an army of volunteers! You can hire us to run a valet system at your event, or volunteer with us to get out and involved in all the major happenings the city has to offer. The valet is always free to the bicyclists who use it, any donations go toward our award-winning nonprofit programs.

Why Volunteer at the Bike Valet
Valet volunteering is a great way to get involved in the Bicycle Collective. Our events take you all over the city, and get you in the heart of what's happening. It's a great way to meet fellow cyclists and hear about upcoming fun things around town. It's also the best way to volunteer for our cause if you don't have much interest in mechanics. Any volunteer can earn $5 an hour in shop credit, toward a bike or to keep your bike on the road with tires and parts. If you have community service requirements, you can volunteer with us to work them off. Please check the calendar below and contact our Valet Coordinator with some events that you'd like to help with.

Why bring Valet to your event?
Downtown Salt Lake City has tons of events, and parking a car is always a nightmare. More and more people are bicycling and taking TRAX to summer events. Even a few dozen bikes in excess of what buildings were designed to accommodate can pose problems for venues and event planners. Our valet service can accommodate up to 700 bikes a day, secure them for their owners, and return them in a efficient manner. For bicyclists, having an attended place to keep their bikes is a huge asset at large events, where theft is rampant. A service of this kind would normally be extremely costly to run, but by mobilizing our volunteer base we only have to charge the setup costs and maintaining one employee, meaning valet can cost as little as $60 per event. If you or the event you are planning could use Valet Bicycle Parking feel free to contact us.